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  1. HGTV Canada - <br><b><i>Gut Job</b></i><br>Darcy & Meghan

    HGTV Canada -
    Gut Job
    Darcy & Meghan

    After purchasing their starter home twelve years ago, Meghan, Darcy and their 3 children have now completely outgrown the two-bedroom bungalow. The 3 kids were sharing one small bedroom, while the family of 5 shared one bathroom and a kitchen so small they needed to use the floor for prep! Meghan and Darcy thought their best option was to leave the city, but a long sought after promotion convinced them to stick around and make it work . Gut Job helps this family make the absolute most of the square footage they have and creates a functional home for this family to continue to grow in, for years to come.

  2. HGTV -<b><i>Styled</i></b><br>SONY & HER GIRLS

    HGTV -Styled

    Busy single mom Sony and her teenage daughters dream of giving their family home a style makeover but don’t know where to start. Nicole and Caffery take the reins and pull out all the stops to give them the kitchen of their dreams, and a beautiful, feminine, new and improved living space.

  3. HGTV Canada - <br><b><i>Gut Job</b></i><br>Jeremy & Amanda

    HGTV Canada -
    Gut Job
    Jeremy & Amanda

    Gut Job mainstay Jeremy, and his wife Amanda, want to breathe new life into their old kitchen! With a lack of storage, a dated look, and a layout that doesn’t meet their culinary great expectations, this space is in need of an overhaul. The kitchen also overlooks the living room, a short flight of stairs away, driving a need for the reno to blend on to the main floor to ensure a unified, fresh feel. Gut Job turns the couples’ kitchen and living room into bright, gorgeous and modern spaces worthy of the Gut Job family!

  4. HGTV -<b><i>Styled</i></b><br>KEVIN & AARON

    HGTV -Styled

    Married couple Kevin and Aaron and their 3 preteens moved from a small house into their forever home with the space they need. But now, living in a sea of beige, with old furniture that doesn’t belong, how will these busy dads make this house work for them? Hopefully it’s before the kids leave for college. Nicole and Caffery bring it!