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  1. HGTV - <b><i>Love it or List it</i></b><br>MONA & DONG

    HGTV - Love it or List it

    A couple and their three sons have been in their outdated home for almost 20 years, and it's in need of a major overhaul. She thinks if Hilary gets it right, they'll fall in love with their house again, but he feels David can provide the best solution.

  2. HGTV - <b><i>Love it or List it</i></b><br>HAILEY & KEVIN

    HGTV - Love it or List it

    A traditional Jewish family has outgrown their starter house and need more room for a kosher home. She's ready for David to find a new place with a larger kitchen, but he thinks Hilary can turn their small space into the perfect place for their family.

  3. HGTV -<br><b><i>Love it or List it</i></b>MIA & APRIL

    HGTV -
    Love it or List itMIA & APRIL

    A married couple and their identical teenage sons live in a home that has long been a source of conflict and stress. One is sentimental about the place and believes Hilary can make it more useful, while the other is eagerly awaiting David to find them the ideal new home.

  4. HGTV Canada - <br><b><i>Gut Job</b></i><br>Darcy & Meghan

    HGTV Canada -
    Gut Job
    Darcy & Meghan

    After purchasing their starter home twelve years ago, Meghan, Darcy and their 3 children have now completely outgrown the two-bedroom bungalow. The 3 kids were sharing one small bedroom, while the family of 5 shared one bathroom and a kitchen so small they needed to use the floor for prep! Meghan and Darcy thought their best option was to leave the city, but a long sought after promotion convinced them to stick around and make it work . Gut Job helps this family make the absolute most of the square footage they have and creates a functional home for this family to continue to grow in, for years to come.

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