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  1. HGTV - <b><i>Love it or List it</i></b><br>KIERAN & ANJU

    HGTV - Love it or List it

    Busy parents purchased their home just two years ago, but now they're concerned with their kids' safety in a three-story house. She wants David to find a new forever home, but he thinks Hilary can renovate their place to make it work for their family.

  2. HGTV -<b><i>Love it or List it</i></b><br>LUC & JIM

    HGTV -Love it or List it
    LUC & JIM

    Years after updating their main living area, a couple looks to remedy their dysfunctional space with a third-floor renovation. With Hilary's expertise, one feels their dream home is within reach, but the other wants David to find the new, perfect place.

  3. HGTV - <b><i>Love it or List it</i></b><br>ARTHUR & STEPHANIE

    HGTV - Love it or List it

    A newly married couple purchased the house she grew up in, but there's plenty wrong with it. Now with a baby on the way, she hopes Hilary can work her magic on the place, but he thinks David can find a new home better suited for their growing family.

  4. HGTV - <b><i>Love it or List it</i></b><br>EARL & NINA

    HGTV - Love it or List it

    A couple is finally ready for a solution to their dated, split-level home that suits their love of midcentury modern design. She thinks Hilary can take their house from drab to fabulous, but he's counting on David to find them a new forever home

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