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  1. HGTV -<br><b><i>Love it or List it</i></b> DEREK & CATARINA

    HGTV -
    Love it or List it DEREK & CATARINA

    A woman struggled with the layout of her husband's home from the start, and now with two kids, she's done with the dated and cramped space. She knows David can find them a bigger home, while he thinks Hilary can win the family over with her design magic.

  2. HGTV -<br><b><i>Love it or List it</i></b> MEGAN & TREVOR

    HGTV -
    Love it or List it MEGAN & TREVOR

    A couple thought their home was the perfect size when they moved in, but three kids later, they’ve completely run out of space. Hilary works to create a more functional layout while David searches for a new house with an obstacle-free kitchen.

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