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  1. HGTV -<br><b><i>Love it or List it</i></b> Eileen & Shahan

    HGTV -
    Love it or List it Eileen & Shahan

    A couple's family home was move-in ready over a decade ago, but now they're struggling with its dark, dated and cramped style. Hilary brightens things up with an open and airy update, while David finds an open concept home that doesn't need any work.

  2. HGTV -<br><b><i>Love it or List it</i></b> FAISSAL & FARIHAH

    HGTV -
    Love it or List it FAISSAL & FARIHAH

    A growing family planned on renovating the layout of their home, but six years later, they've had no time to focus on fixes. Hilary addresses the house's major storage issues and functionality, while David finds a new property that fits all their needs.

  3. HGTV -<br><b><i>Love it or List it</i></b> KAREN & JOSE

    HGTV -
    Love it or List it KAREN & JOSE

    A couple who loves to entertain enjoys living near her family, but their dated home desperately needs a facelift. Hilary looks to give them a beautiful upgrade with space for salsa dancing, while David aims to find them a new home with room to party.

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