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Cozy Reading Room
  1. Brother vs. Brother season 8 episode 805 Image

    HGTV -
    Brother Vs. Brother

    Jonathan and Drew compete with multiple indoor spaces as they race to the big finale. Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson stop by to judge and award the winner with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to cruise in the car of their choice from the Petersen Auto Museum.

  2. Brother vs. Brother season 8 episode 804 Image

    HGTV -
    Brother Vs. Brother

    The Brothers battle it out in the Additional Dwelling Unit challenge and Jonathan pulls out all the stops in hopes of a victory. Breegan Jane and Trixie Mattel guest judge the spaces, and the loser is sent to play tour guide on an LA tourist bus.

  3. Brother vs Brother season 8 episode 802 Image

    HGTV -
    Brother Vs. Brother

    Jonathan and Drew each renovate their kitchen and dining rooms but run into space and structure issues. Alex Guarnaschelli and Veronica Valencia stop by to judge the rooms, and the winner is awarded a romantic dinner from a famous Michelin chef.

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