Structures and services

Are you about to start a major commercial project ?

Our experts at Ciot will accompany you through every step of the process and help make your dream project a reality.

Residential Projects

At Ciot, our HABITAT team specializes in guiding clients and designers through every aspect of residential projects. Whether you're envisioning the sleek lines of porcelain slabs for a modern kitchen, the timeless elegance of natural stone for an entrance hall, or the intricate patterns of mosaic tiles to enhance your bathroom, a visit to one of Ciot’s showrooms is an essential step in turning your vision into reality.


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Commercial Projects

TECNICA refers to Ciot’s team of experts dedicated to commercial, institutional and multi residential projects, reaching out to serve contractors, fabricators, designers, architects, developers and their commercial clients. Whether you're selecting floor coverings for a major hotel chain, deciding on countertop materials for a restaurant, or exploring innovative solutions for various commercial spaces, our TECNICA representatives possess the knowledge and experience to guide you in making informed decisions. Connect with our TECNICA sales representatives in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, the Maritimes, New York, Atlanta, and Detroit.

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Ciot's FABBRICA workshop and tile distribution center is the place to go to find expert artisans who are amongst the most experienced and creative on the market. They use sophisticated equipment to meticulously cut, sharpen and polish natural stone, such as granite, marble, quartz, limestone and semi-precious stones.  Regardless of the scope of your project, our knowledgeable FABBRICA experts are at your service to meet all of your needs.

Certified ISO-9001-2015
RBQ Licence: 5664-4685-01

Ciot Pro Counter

The Ciot Pro Counter stands as a valuable resource for contractors and customers seeking quality installation and maintenance products, carefully curated to complement our exceptional range of materials. The Ciot Pro Counter staff are on hand to provide comprehensive information on care and maintenance. 

Explore our selection of products, including:

  • Tools
  • Draining systems
  • Installation products
  • Membranes
  • Maintenance products
  • Heated floors

Find everything you need for reliable installations and upkeep at the CIOT PRO COUNTER, available at our locations in Vaughan, Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Quebec City, Detroit, and Atlanta. → More detail on our Pro Counter