At Ciot, our HABITAT team specializes in guiding clients and designers through every aspect of residential projects. Whether you're envisioning the sleek lines of porcelain slabs for a modern kitchen, the timeless elegance of natural stone for an entrance hall, or the intricate patterns of mosaic tiles to enhance your bathroom, a visit to one of Ciot’s showrooms is an essential step in turning your vision into reality.


Our experts are at your service worldwide.

They can travel abroad with you to visit quarries and choose blocks right at the source. Our network of inspectors in the European and Asian markets then monitor the cutting. If it's possible and more economical to cut locally, we will assist the cutting plant.




Customer excellence

Our customer service also sees to your peace of mind at all times. Before pieces are finalized, slab models are provided. In addition, dry mounting at our workshop is available before the finishing stage.







Every project, no matter the scope, starts with a source of inspiration. Discover the interior design style that suits you best and get inspired by a myriad of ideas for various spaces in your home. Whether you're completely renovating a bathroom or simply upgrading your kitchen countertop, your dream design project starts here.