Ciot turnkey services

We know that large-scale projects often have intimidating complexities, starting with finding the exceptional piece that will bring your vision to life. That's why Ciot offers a turnkey service-expert to guide architects and designers throughout this adventure.

1 - Choosing the right material

Have you chosen the material you want, or do you need professional advice? Our experts will work with you to make sure the material suits the intended purpose and is available in the quantities you need, at the time you need it. We then provide a budget estimate, based on production at our Montréal workshop.

2 - Finding the perfect piece

Our experts are at your service worldwide. They can travel abroad with you to visit quarries and choose blocks right at the source. Our network of inspectors in the European and Asian markets then monitor the cutting. If it's possible and more economical to cut locally, we will assist the cutting plant.

3 - Visualizing the final effect

When it’s time to cut the stone, we make it a stress-free process. Our experts prepare the electronic files and the shop tickets (cut, size, configuration, etc.) if the architect so desires. Digital mock-ups are produced at this stage to gauge the final effect before approval.

4 - Approval at every step

Our customer service also sees to your peace of mind at all times. Before pieces are finalized, slab models are provided. In addition, dry mounting at our workshop is available before the finishing stage.

5 - Shipping done right

Once pieces are finished, detailed photos are taken and digitized for future reference or consultation. Then our team personally packages and ships the order in wooden crates. Then, it’s your turn!

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