Selvaggio Cervo 1 - 32''x48''

  • Line Selvaggio
  • Classification Ciot Studio - $$$$$
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Line Description


The SELVAGGIO Collection pays tribute to everything that has not yet been touched by the hand of man. It is the wild state of the fauna and flora that has inspired the Ciot Studio team to pay attention to the details and intensity of this natural beauty. In order to seize all the nuances and subtleties, we opted for a collection in dark monochrome that highlights the subject rather than its environment. Evoking both the beauty and the power of the wilderness, these subjects seem to warn the observer tto protect their existence. Through mosaic, we celebrate nature’s uniqueness and splendor by inserting as much detail as possible. By carefully selecting the polished, honed or rough side of the mosaic tesserae, we create light reflection and texture.

Technical Information