Quartzite Fantasy Brown Leather Finish 3/4''

  • Line Quartzite Fantasy Brown
  • Finish Leathered
  • Classification Quartzite - $
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Line Description

Quartzite Fantasy Brown

Quartzite is a stone entirely engineered by nature, not to be mistaken with quartz countertops which are chemically engineered. The richness and depth of the colors that offer this pure quartz sandstone is second to none. Quartzite is harder and more resistant than most of other natural stones, which makes it a great investment for kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Application : Countertop, Floor, Vanity Top, Wall

Technical Information


  • Color Variation : Random (V4)

Commercial Denomination

  • Commercial Denomination : Quartzite


  • Destination : Interior, Wet area


  • Usage : Commercial, Commercial-Light Traffic, Residential