59''x118'' Maxfine Folios 6mm Nero Natural

  • Line Maxfine Folios
  • Finish Honed
  • Classification Ceramic & Porcelain - $
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Line Description

Maxfine Folios

MaxFine Folios is a full-body porcelain stoneware made in Italy with a unique cutting edge technology. Due to its large size, it is possible to reduce the joints to a minimum, giving the appearance of a uniform surface. Recalling a fusion between natural stone and the delicate hues of certain types of metal panels, MaxFine Folios is available in two colors and in natural and patinato finishes.


  • Application : Exterior Cladding, Floor, Heated Floor, Wall

Installation and Maintenance

  • Edges / Profiles : Rectified
  • Sealer Required : Not Required

Technical Information

Chemical Resistance

  • ISO 10545-13 - Household Chemicals : UA
  • ISO 10545-13 - Acids And Alkalis At Low Concentrations (L) : ULA


  • Color Variation : Moderate (V2)

Commercial Denomination

  • Commercial Denomination : Full Body Porcelain


  • Destination : Exterior, Interior, Submerged area, Wet area

Stain Resistance

  • ISO 10545-14 : 4


  • Sustainability : LEED


  • Usage : Commercial, Commercial-Light Traffic, Residential

Slip Resistance

  • DIN 51130 : R9
  • ANSI A137.1 Tile Slip Test (D.C.O.F.) : >= 0.42 (Conform)