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  1. Rising 1,550 feet, the Central Park Tower is the tallest residential tower in the world. Refined and iconic, the façade reflects a dynamic spectrum of color and light as the sun moves across the building’s surface. With its state-of-the-art views, exceptional architecture and hotel-style service, it will leave you feeling like you live in the ultimate urban resort.
  2. This condominium project truly represents the epitome of modern luxury. From the common areas such as the lobby and the pool to the kitchens and bathroom inside the homes, all materials were sourced from Ciot's wide selection of premium natural stones to create a truly one-of-a-kind interior design experience.

    The Kent

    Modern luxury was definitely top-of-mind when designing The Kent condominium complex in New York City and the result is nothing short of majestic. Ciot had the great honor of supplying all of the natural stone material selections in the common areas such as the lobby and the garden salon, as well as the bathrooms and kitchens inside the extraordinary homes.