At Ciot, we have a deep-seated passion for design. This is how we stay ahead of the latest trends to offer you beautiful and innovative ideas for your home renovation and construction projects. Explore our most impressive collaborations and discover your next must-have look.

  1. To decorate his shop and café, TV celebrity chef Ricardo chose natural stone and quartz, combined with tiles in a variety of styles and colours. Inspired by luscious chocolate brown and by honeycomb-inspired hexagons, the décor leverages Ciot materials to stimulate the senses and the appetite. Mission accomplished.
  2. For its corporate office, the National Bank of Canada made the bold choice of hexagonal tiles in a timelessly modern grey-white palette. Combined with primary colours, the varied shapes, sizes and styles of the tiles, all selected from Ciot, create a playful, confident look.
  3. Minimalist modernism reigns in this corporate space. The floor, made of outsized ceramic tiles, gives the room structure and draws the eye. The natural, lustrous greyish-brown tones provide visual continuity from one area to the next—a neutral and architectural choice that transcends time.