1010 Park Ave.

1010 Park Av.

This condominium project truly represents the epitome of modern luxury. From the common areas such as the lobby and the pool to the kitchens and bathroom inside the homes, all materials were sourced from Ciot's wide selection of premium natural stones to create a truly one-of-a-kind interior design experience.

1010 Park Ave. kitchen 1
1010 Park Ave. Kitchen 2
1010 Park Ave. door frames
1010 Park Ave. Pool
1010 Park Ave. Pool 2
1010 Park Ave. Bathroom

Featured Products

Fusion Wow Polished 3/4''
Rosso Levanto Turco Polished 3/4''
Nestos Beige Polished 3/4''
Zebrino Bianco Polished 3/4''
Statuario Polished 1 1/4''

Project Contributors

Picture Credits: Courtesy of Extell