A Family Business

Ciot is a family owned business built on the American dream and operated by a group of highly passionate people. For almost 75 years Ciot has been committed to supply the best products available and offer expert knowledge and personalized service to our customers in the dimensional stone and tile industries.

Our early days

In 1950, Giovanni Battista Ciot founded a terrazzo shop on St-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal where the company still operates today. In addition to terrazzo projects, the specialized and reputable Ciot installation team also worked on large tile setting projects for public and private contracts.

Our CEO, A Visionnaire

Joe Panzera, a young immigrant from Italy met Giovanni’s eldest daughter Margaret as a client or Ciot’s and the two wed. In 1967, Joe took over the reins of the company. Through his relentless hard work and vision, he began diversifying the products and services offered thus rejuvenating the enterprise. He introduced marble, luxury plumbing accessories and ceramic tile to an untapped market. His passion was passed down to the many family members including his two daughters that work at Ciot today.

A success story set in stone

Nestled on St-Laurent Street in Montreal, spanning an impressive 100,000 sq.ft. Our headquarters stand proudly as the heartbeat of our company that pulses with energy and vision. For almost 75 years Ciot has evolved and continues to be a trendsetter presenting a diverse range of products such as natural stone and engineered slabs, porcelain and ceramic tiles, mosaics, hardwood and plumbing accessories. Our commitment to offering exclusive services to homeowners, architects and designers alike extends to our in house customization of mosaics and many other products