At Ciot, we have a deep-seated passion for design. This is how we stay ahead of the latest trends to offer you beautiful and innovative ideas for your home renovation and construction projects. Become part of the dynamic team that makes beauty happen.

why ciot ?

Ciot is a design industry leader that values a culture of growth and fulfillment. Ciot has become a leader thanks to 68 years of experience, a multi-generational workforce and the deeply rooted history of the founding family.

Join our close-knit community of 700+ team members who share drive, laughs, countless espresso shots, and a genuine camaraderie. At Ciot, we're not just colleagues – we're family.

Joe Panzera shares thoughts about the company his father-in-law founded

« Ciot travels the world searching, finding and sourcing unique and timeless stones to meet and to surpass expectations. We pride ourselves and fuel our creativity by working hand-in-hand with customers, designers and architects to deliver projects of all scales, successfully and seamlessly. It is our modus operandi. »

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Your journey to drive and grow

Discover a workplace where your career thrives amid passion and collaboration. Whether you’re a customer service pro, a marketing maven, a mosaic maestro or an operations whiz, your talents find a home here, and there’s always room to grow.

Our story

Ciot first came about in 1950 when a young Italian immigrant’s dream came to life, one stone at a time. Since then, Ciot has been more than successful in expanding its North American presence, and continues to do so. Ciot's success is a testament to our global approach, offering exclusive products sourced worldwide. But it's not all about work – join us at our annual holiday parties and charitable bake sales.

What we have to offer

Be ready to experience a different kind of company! We offer a competitive salary, support for professional development, benefit plan and after-work employee activities. We also volunteer and donate to charities of different causes.

Build with us

Beyond a fulfilling career, we offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. Your journey at Ciot is not just a job; it's an exciting adventure with a supportive family. Ready for a workplace that feels like a second home? Join Ciot – where work is a joy, passion drives us and growth is a tradition!

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