12''x13'' Boost Mosaico Shapes White

  • Line Boost
  • Finish Natural
  • Classification Ceramic & Porcelain - $$$$$
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Line Description


Boost is a colored body porcelain stoneware which is offered in five neutral colors. Urban and modern, the brushed cement effect of this collection becomes the perfect element to create modern decors. The typical sobriety of concrete finds its balance when paired with mosaics rich in details and wall tiles of the same collection. Thanks to the attention given to its graphic details, Boost goes well beyond the minimalism of the industrial style, and becomes an inspiration behind the creation of an original space that is full of character.


  • Application : Floor, Heated Floor, Wall

Technical Information

Chemical Resistance

  • ISO 10545-13 - Household Chemicals : UA
  • ISO 10545-13 - Acids And Alkalis At Low Concentrations (L) : ULA
  • ISO 10545-13 - Acids And Alkalis At High Concentrations (H) : UHA


  • Color Variation : High (V3)

Commercial Denomination

  • Commercial Denomination : Colored Body Porcelain


  • Destination : Interior, Wet area

Stain Resistance

  • ISO 10545-14 : 5


  • Usage : Commercial, Commercial-Light Traffic, Residential

Slip Resistance

  • ANSI A137.1 Tile Slip Test (D.C.O.F.) : >= 0.42 (Conform)

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