24''x24'' Arkshade Lead Nat. Rt

  • Line Arkshade
  • Finish Natural
  • Classification Ceramic & Porcelain - $$$
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Line Description


Arkshade is a collection of colored body porcelain stoneware available in five colors. The neutral tones of this collection combined with the bright colors of Arkshade Wall bestows an unlimited creative freedom, that is perfectly suited for minimalist projects where each space is valued. Arkshade offers a rich chromatic selection to the world of design, perfect for creating spaces that are always in style. Arkshade Wall is a white body wall tile collection available in twelve nutral or vibrant colors. The wide range of textured mosaic of Arkshade Wall as well as the visual effects of Stars decor, allow to create extremely lively and modern projects.


  • Application : Floor, Heated Floor, Wall

Installation and Maintenance

  • Edges / Profiles : Rectified
  • Sealer Required : Not Required

Technical Information

Chemical Resistance

  • ISO 10545-13 - Household Chemicals : UA
  • ISO 10545-13 - Acids And Alkalis At Low Concentrations (L) : ULA
  • ISO 10545-13 - Acids And Alkalis At High Concentrations (H) : UHA


  • Color Variation : Minimal (V1)

Commercial Denomination

  • Commercial Denomination : Colored Body Porcelain


  • Destination : Interior, Wet area

Stain Resistance

  • ISO 10545-14 : 5


  • Usage : Commercial, Commercial-Light Traffic, Residential

Slip Resistance

  • DIN 51130 : R10
  • ANSI A137.1 Tile Slip Test (D.C.O.F.) : >= 0.42 (Conform)

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