12''x24'' Marte Raggio Di Luna Boc. Rt

  • Line Marte
  • Finish Structured
  • Classification Ceramic & Porcelain - $$$
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Line Description


Marte is a double loaded porcelain stoneware that, thanks to its original concept and production technique makes each single tile unique. Marte is inspired by the beauty of natural marbles and is available in 12 colors. The line is suited for every application, but is ideal for flooring offices and commercial centers, as well as for ventilated facades for exterior walls.


  • Application : Exterior Cladding, Floor, Heated Floor, Wall

Installation and Maintenance

  • Edges / Profiles : Rectified

Technical Information

Chemical Resistance

  • ISO 10545-13 - Household Chemicals : UA


  • Color Variation : High (V3)

Commercial Denomination

  • Commercial Denomination : Double Loading Porcelain


  • Destination : Exterior, Interior, Wet area


  • Usage : Commercial, Commercial-Light Traffic, Industrial, Residential

Slip Resistance

  • DIN 51130 : R11