Barn Wood is a colored body porcelain stoneware that perfectly replicates the look of real wood planks while offering the convenience and durability known to porcelain tiles.

Shaded throughout as are natural wood planks, Barn Wood yields an amazing natural look to spaces when layed onto floors and walls.

Barn Wood is ideal for an interior and exterior application on floors and walls in your residential and commercial projects.

Formats:  11x32.5 cm (4.4x12.8") |
16.4x99.8 cm (6.6x39.9") | 24.8x99.8 cm (9.9x39.9")

MIX ESAGONA - 35x37,5 cm (13.8x14.8")

Product of Italy.


Ciot Surplus Laval - new location opening - 1795, Autoroute Jean-Noël-Lavoie (Autoroute 440), Laval, Québec H7L 4J5