MaxFine Marmi is a full body porcelain stoneware made in Italy with a unique cutting edge technology. It’s the only product to provide such a large size with reduced thickness (6 mm) and a fully polished surface. Resistant, MaxFine Marmi is also of an incredible aesthetic quality, reproducing in an impressive manner the rich and delicate natural stone appearance.

Each MaxFine Marmi slab is available in four pattern variations (random); for 75 x 75 cm tiles, the number of different patterns thus switches to around thirty. It is also possible to create a bookmatch effect using Block A and Block B slabs. Available for colors Calacatta and Statuario Bianco Venato Extra, these slabs each present the exact same pattern, Block B being the mirror of Block A.

Slabs 150x300 cm (59x118")
Tiles 75x75 cm (29,5x29,5")


Ciot Surplus in Laval